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HCL Notes and Domino Tips & Tricks

Jan 09, 2020Secure a Domino web server running on public internet - Prevent hacking
This article lists 6 steps which will protect your Domino web server from hackers and close vulnerabilities. Some Domino customers have only 1 or 2 of these steps completed which is quite alarming from a security standpoint. If these steps are not performed on your Domino server then an authenticated user with minimal access rights can (A) assume the identify of a Domino administrator, (B) attain access to all web user credentials including user names, passwords and internet addresses and (C) attain operating system level access.
Oct 24, 2019Enable silent cluster failover on HCL (IBM) Notes client
Companies sometimes consolidate and/or migrate Domino servers to new platforms. It's usually good practice to OS level copy the Domino data folder to the new server and temporarily enable native Domino clustering between the servers until the cutover is complete. In this article I will focus on how to avoid the following message displayed to end users during the cutover: "The server with this database is no longer responding. Should Notes switch to a replica on another server?"
Nov 06, 2014Copy stationery to multiple Notes mailoxes using LotusScript code
Your company might want a group of users to use specific stationery (message template) when sending emails to customers. The code below can be copy/pasted into a Notes agent or button. It will allow a Domino administrator to copy stationery to multiple Notes mailboxes. The user can use the stationery by clicking Tools - Stationery in their mailbox. Stationery previously copied using this code will be deleted prior to copying new stationery. NOTE: The Domino administrator must have at least Depositor access to the user mailboxes. After executing the code the Domino administrator can click the Notes status bar to see if any errors displayed.
Oct 27, 2014Add a screenshot button in a Notes application or mailbox
A Domino developer might want to add a screenshot button in a Notes application or mailbox template if (1) Notes mailbox users have issues replying / forwarding to MIME HTML CSS emails, or (2) Notes app users have issues copy/pasting Notes app data to non-Notes mail client.
May 22, 2014Upgrading IBM Notes ID certificate key strength, encryption strength and password quality scale
Domino administrators can upgrade user Notes ID security strength by using Domino Security Policy Settings, Certifcate Authorty (CA) Process, or Administration Process (AdminP) with semi-automated steps. This article discusses AdminP with semi-automated steps which is sometimes necessary due to several reasons including a delicate environment, non-existent testing environment, minimal budget, minimal implementation time, or minimal Domino expertise to configure Security Policy Settings or CA Process.
Feb 14, 2014Fix sporadic format issue in IBM Notes when forwarding or replying to HTML emails
When using IBM Notes 9.0.1 or earlier you most likely noticed formatting issues sometimes occur when attempting to forward or reply to HTML emails. This occurs when the HTML email contains advanced HTML code including CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). This issue is unacceptable especially if your company is receiving HTML CSS emails from a 3rd party service that must be manually forwarded to your customers. This issue can be resolved using the workaround below, but ideally IBM (ICS) must fix it in a future Notes release.
May 17, 2013Installing IBM Notes Browser Plug-in for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
The IBM Notes Browser Plug-in (NBP) allows 32-bit Internet Explorer or Firefox web client users to access their native Notes apps directly from the web. Incredibly as it sounds this feature allows Notes apps to be run from within web browsers on Windows 32/64 bit desktops! As for security it still requires a Notes ID file and native ACL security applies. If Notes mail acesss is required while using NBP, then the user must use iNotes.
Dec 27, 2012Configure IBM Notes with Gmail and Yahoo!
The instructions below were tested on IBM Notes 9.0.1 FP9 client, but can be used on any Notes 9.0/8.5 version as long as you enable the security option in Gmail and Yahoo to "Allow Less Secure Apps" (aka SSLv3). Local and server Notes mailboxes can be configured with Gmail and Yahoo accounts to send and receive email via local POP and SMTP Notes client accounts.
Sep 24, 2012Web Date Field Validation for Domino - IsNotesDate() JavaScript function
The code below can be used for any application and supports international date formats. The function is called using 5 parameters as described in the code comments. The code supports the same valid time data type functionality as a Lotus Notes client including date format styles "MDY, DMY, YMD", and date format separators "back slash, dash, period" which depends on the server date setting. i.e. Valid formats for September 1st, 2012 using MDY format style and back slash format separator: 9/1/2012, 09/12, 09/01/2012, 9/1/12, 09/01/12, etc. You can also use the word "Today" or "Tomorrow" which is similar to functionality in a Notes client Date/Time data type field.
May 08, 2012Create barcodes in IBM Notes including encoding USPS Intelligent Mail (IMb)
Barcodes can be displayed and printed in Lotus Notes quite easily using the Print Merge Reporter tool. For example, you can display several different types of barcodes in your custom Notes Views and Forms. Barcodes can be printed to hard copy printer, and saved in formats: Excel, Word, PDF, XPS, etc. Barcode data can be automatically mail merged from your custom Notes DB to labels, envelopes, letters and directory in Word. And if your barcode data exists in Excel, then it can be imported into the tool or your custom Notes DB, then automatically mail merged to labels, envelopes, letters and directory in Word.
Apr 05, 2011Implementing a simple Domino fax and voicemail solution
This article explains how to implement an inbound Domino fax and voicemail solution including software / hardware requirements. The solution will run on Domino Windows 2012/2008/2003 platforms and requires (1) a fax or voice modem with a phone line, (2) HFMC for Windows and (3) H-Fax Voicemail Center Lotus Notes database developed by NotesMail.
Apr 04, 2011Domino Server console missing in Windows Server 2008
Due to an architectural change in Windows Server 2008 the Domino Server console will no longer display when run as a Windows service . Any service running under Windows Server 2008, will run under session 0, and for security reasons, Microsoft has locked down the session 0 from all user interactions. If you would like to display the Domino console similarly to previous Windows Server versions you will need to configure the Domino Windows service to run in "Domino Server Controller" (Java Console) mode as seen below.
May 06, 2010CAPTCHA for Domino web forms - Security Image Generator
This article instructs Domino Developers how to add CAPTCHA to a Domino web form. Domino web applications running on the public internet are susceptible to spam data submission especially if the web form validation relies soley on JavaScript and the web site is not SSL enabled.
Feb 08, 2010Lotus Domino: Increase 2 GB physical memory limit (Win 32-bit)
This article will instruct you how to increase performance on your Domino Server by increasing the physical memory available to Domino from 2 GB to 3 GB. Windows 2003 Server (32-bit) and Windows 2000 Server (32-bit) can only support 4 GB maximum memory. Lotus Domino and other applications running on these operating systems can only utilize 2 GB physical memory plus virtual memory (hard drive swap file). If your Windows Server has 4 GB memory installed you can configure it to allow Domino to use 3 GB physical memory as seen below. Windows can only allocate more than 2 GB physical memory to applications which are "Large Address Aware". Domino 7.0.1 and higher support "Large Address Aware".
Jun 11, 2009Backup your Domino Windows Server using Program documents
Some backup solutions such as Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 currently fail and do not support Domino 8.5 (not compatible with ODS 51 database format). Domino 8.5 users have been waiting 5 months for a hotfix or new release from Symantec. In the meantime, you can use a temporary backup solution using simple Domino Directory Program documents as seen in the example below. It has been successfully tested on Domino 7.x, 8.0.x and 8.5. The backup solution runs weekly and allows restores 1 week prior to the last run assuming your backup destination location is an internal hard drive. The backup restores can be extended indefinitely if the destination location is an external media device such as a DAT or external hard drive which can be manually rotated on a weekly basis after each backup.
Jan 14, 2009Lotus Notes Resource Reservations database: Add weekday and description to Notes view
The Lotus Notes Resource Reservations database is an application designed to allow users workgroups to schedule and reserve conference rooms and physical resources such as office and audiovisual equipment. However, the Lotus Notes views in this database do not display the description and weekday such as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. You can create a new shared view using the instructions below.
Mar 02, 2006Offline Benchmark Results: Domino Web Access vs. Notes Replication
This article contains the benchmark results of Lotus Domino Sync Manager 6.5 vs. Lotus Notes 6.5 local replication. Lotus Domino Sync Manager is a Windows client, not a web client which enables Domino Web Access (DWA) users to go "Offline" which is similar to Notes local replication functionality.
Feb 23, 2006Upgrading Solaris Domino to R6: Benefits, Instructions, Tips
Upgrading Solaris Domino to R6 can benefit your environment in many ways: Less network traffic, from 34% to 52% less, using network compression. Faster data updates using streaming replication to get a 36% to 45% reduction in replication time. Higher server availability with automatic restart and recovery. Increased user satisfaction with as much as a 30% improvement in response time. Reduced server resource usage with up to a 23% reduction in CPU utilization, enabling more users per server. Faster data transmissions, up to 50% faster, using attachment compression, network compression, and streaming mode replication. Supporting more users - Performance improvements enable servers to handle more users with less CPU.
Aug 14, 2007Configure Lotus Notes Out Of Office to run in mixed environments - Notes 9/8/7/6
If you enabled "Service" Out-of-Office type on your Domino 9/8 server in a mixed environment with Notes 9/8/7/6 clients and mailbox designs you will notice that the OOO no longer runs unless the user has a Notes 9/8 client and mailbox design. You can resolve this issue by adding the formula agent below to the Notes 7/6 mailbox designs as a temporary OOO solution until you upgrade them to Notes 9/8 client and mailbox design. The user can still use the Out of Office native user interface which integrates with this formula agent. Otherwise, if you do not want user to use native interface, then you can set 7 parameters in the agent as commented in the code.
Mar 02, 2006Check AOL Mail using Lotus Notes IMAP mailbox
Yes, it is actually possible to check your AOL Email using a Lotus Notes mail database which is directly connected to the AOL email servers. IBM markets Lotus Notes as an enterprise-class messaging and collaboration solution, but people sometimes forget that it can also be used as a stand-alone mail client that supports both POP3 and IMAP protocols. Most network administrators realize that many employees might have AOL and other private mail accounts, so they configure the firewall to block access to the AOL client ports 5190 - 5193, POP3 port 110, IMAP port 143 and WebMail URL addresses such as webmail.aol.com, mail.yahoo.com, www.hotmail.com, etc.
Feb 23, 2006Domino WebMail vs. Domino Web Access (DWA) - formerly known as iNotes
Should my company implement Domino WebMail or Domino Web Acess (DWA) ? If your company is deciding to implement a remote Domino web-based email solution for end users you can choose DWA or WebMail depending upon your companies environment and requirements. The table below lists the positives and negatives of DWA in comparison to WebMail which might help you reach a decision. With Domino WebMail you can provide a low-cost, standards-based messaging solution to focused communities of employees who typically have limited access to company electronic communications. Lotus Domino WebMail is one of the client options for accessing IBM Lotus Domino messaging capabilities.
Feb 23, 2006Lotus Notes - Defeat the "255 Character Spreadsheet Cell" View Export Limit
Notes users sometimes request to export Notes data for reporting purposes. Views are usually the best starting point because you can export an existing view or customize a view to display all the data required for the export. Notes lets you export views using the Export menu option to three support file types: Lotus 1-2-3, Structured Text, and Tabular Text. The quickest and most effective exporting file type is Lotus 1-2-3 or Lotus 1-2-3 Worksheet, depending upon which Notes version you're using. The Tabular Text file type only exports what you see on your screen, so if your view column aren't wide enough to display data, it will be truncated during the export. The Structured Text flie type isn't customizable because it doesn't rely on the view columns to export data, but rather exports all the field names contained in a document as well as the assigned data values.
Feb 23, 2006The Perfect Archiving Technique for Notes Mailboxes
You can use a Selective Replication formula to archive a Notes mailbox. This archiving solution for Notes mailboxes supports e-mail, calendar entries, to-do items, iNotes/Web mail contacts, and the Delivery Option Advanced Expiration date. It doesn't produce deletion stubs or white space like other archiving solutions, which physically delete documents. Here are the steps for setting it up: