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HCL Notes and Domino: Tips & Tricks

HCL Domino Webmail vs. iNotes
February 23, 2006

By Lance Zakin, HCL CASA, CAAD
Notes and Domino
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Should my company implement Domino webmail or iNotes? If your company is deciding to implement a remote Domino web-based email solution for end users you can choose iNotes or webmail depending upon your companies environment and requirements. The table below lists the positives and negatives of iNotes in comparison to webmail which might help you reach a decision.

With Domino webmail you can provide a low-cost, standards-based messaging solution to focused communities of employees who typically have limited access to company electronic communications. Domino Webmail is one of the client options for accessing Domino messaging capabilities. Now you can provide security-rich, user-friendly e-mail, calendar and to-do functions to occasional web browser users—helping increase efficient communications. And the simple user interface lets employees start using webmail quickly — with little or no training. Webmail also provides access to basic, low-function mail functionality from POP3 or IMAP client software.

iNotes is the flexible, high-function web browser-based client option to use the reliable, security-rich messaging and collaboration capabilities of Domino server, online and offline. iNotes leverages the latest web browser technologies to offer capabilities designed to help companies increase employee productivity, facilitate decision making, and improve business responsiveness. iNotes is available in two offerings: iNotes for Messaging (access to messaging functions) and iNotes for Collaboration (both messaging and applications). Delivers sophisticated web messaging and Personal Information Management (PIM) tools with an unmatched feature set and easy-to-use interface. Gives mobile or traveling workers the convenience and flexibility of working while disconnected from the network.

iNotes Positives
  • Spell Check
  • Read Marks Synchronize with Notes in the office
  • Easier to Delete emails
  • Create Out of Office from home
  • After sorting a view column you can "Jump Ahead" by typing a few characters
  • Advanced Printing Options
  • Pop-up Virtual Date Calendar
  • Mark email as Read/Unread
  • Friendlier User Interface; Left click, Right Click, and Mouse over functions activated
  • Virtual In-line Vertical scroll bar; Do not need to click Next to load another page
  • Drag & drop emails into folders
  • Attach more than 2 attachments to an email
  • Prompt when new email arrive
  • Mailbox delegation
  • Archiving
  • Off-line replication
  • Notes will allow you to import your Notes ID to read encrypted email.
  • You can make iNotes your default Windows mail client using the Preferences option
  • Secure Logout options supported which erase temporary internet files and cookies
  • It does not require Java which is required by WebMail, so the user cannot accidentally click "No" when prompted to accept the "Lotus Domino Applet". The user does not need Java installed on there machine since DWA uses other technology instead such as MS IE, CSS, ActiveX, DHTML, etc.
  • It allows you to perform a full text search (google type search) as you can in Webmail by clicking Tools - Search.
iNotes Negatives
  • You cannot access the "Discussion Thread" view as you can on Webmail.
  • You cannot click "Copy Into" to convert email to New Memo, New Calendar Entry, or New To Do as you can on WebMail.
  • You cannot navigate to the next document without returning to View as you can on Webmail.
  • First time Dial-up users have to wait approximately 20 minutes for DWA to download. It will work fast the next time they use it unless you click the "More secure" Logout option. Webmail works significantly faster than iNotes for Dial-up users.
  • A Notes Developer cannot customize the iNotes design, where as, WebMail can be easily customized.
iNotes and Webmail Negatives
  • Both do not allow a user to compact their mailbox after they delete/archive mails when their mailbox size quota is reached. You must wait until the next morning for the scheduled server compact task.
  • In regards to server performance both equate to approximately 2.5 to 3 Notes client users.
  • "Reply To/Fwd To" Inbox icons will not display (only available on 6.0.3 or higher server)
  • "Follow up" Inbox icons will not display (only available on 6.5 or higher server)