the perfect archiving technique for hcl notes mailboxes

HCL Notes and Domino: Tips & Tricks

The Perfect Archiving Technique for HCL Notes Mailboxes
Februrary 23, 2006

By Lance Zakin, HCL CASA, CAAD
Notes and Domino
HCL BP NotesMail
You can use a Selective Replication formula to archive a Notes mailbox.

This archiving solution for Notes mailboxes supports e-mail, calendar entries, to-do items, iNotes/Web mail contacts, and the Delivery Option Advanced Expiration date.

It doesn't produce deletion stubs or white space like other archiving solutions, which physically delete documents. Here are the steps for setting it up:

1. Add the Selective Replication formula below to each user's server mail database. You can add the selective replication formula to the Mail Template which should automatically update all the user's mail database overnight. NOTE: The user must start Notes for archiving to execute. You can change the ArchiveDays field below to any value you desire. It is currently set to archive documents in the mail database older than 30 days.

REM "Archive Notes Mailboxes";
REM "Coded by Lance Zakin -";
ArchiveDays := 30;
PastDate := @Adjust(@Today; 0; 0; -1 * ArchiveDays; 0; 0; 0);
TeaseDate := @Adjust(@Today; 0; 0; ArchiveDays; 0; 0; 0);
ToDoFlag := @If(DueState != 9 & @IsAvailable(DueState); @True; @False);
CalendarFlag := @If(!@IsAvailable(EndDateTime); @False; Repeats = "1" & @Subset(EndDateTime; 1) > PastDate & @Subset(EndDateTime; -1) > PastDate; @True; Repeats = "1"; @False; EndDateTime > PastDate; @True; @False);
ExpireFlag := @If(!@IsAvailable(ExpireDate); @False; ExpireDate > PastDate;
@True; @False);
ArchiveDate := @If(ISMAILSTATIONERY = 1 | Form = "Person" | Form = "Group" | ToDoFlag | CalendarFlag | ExpireFlag;
TeaseDate; @Adjust(@Modified; 0; 0; ArchiveDays; 0; 0; 0));
SELECT @Today < ArchiveDate

2. Create a button which is emailed to all Notes users which executes the 2 steps below. NOTE: An alternative to emailing the entire company would be to modify the mail template to perform these tasks automatically.
  • Create a Local Replica for each user without a Selective Replication formula.
  • Enable scheduled replication in the user's Location document which occurs at least once a week.

    Schedule: Enabled
    Replicate daily between: 08:00 AM - 10:00 PM
    Repeat every: 0 mintues
    Days of week: Wed