check aol mail using hcl notes imap mailbox

HCL Notes and Domino: Tips & Tricks

Check AOL Mail using HCL Notes IMAP mailbox
March 2, 2006

By Lance Zakin, HCL CASA, CAAD
Notes and Domino
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Yes, it is actually possible to check your AOL Email using a Notes mail database which is directly connected to the AOL email servers. Notes is marketed as an enterprise-class messaging and collaboration solution, but people sometimes forget that it can also be used as a stand-alone mail client that supports both POP3 and IMAP protocols.

Most network administrators realize that many employees might have AOL and other private mail accounts, so they configure the firewall to block access to the AOL client ports 5190 - 5193, POP3 port 110, IMAP port 143 and Webmail URL addresses such as,,, etc. If your ports are not blocked you can check your AOL mail using a Notes IMAP mailbox as seen in the instructions below.
  1. Open your Lotus Notes Personal address book
  2. Click Advanced - Accounts - New - Account, then fill out the fields as seen in the example below.
  3. Click Save & Close and a local mailbox called "AOL Mail" will automatically be created and added to your Notes workspace.
  4. Open the mailbox to check your AOL mail.