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PRESS RELEASE: Business Partner expands CRUCIAL Notes Tools suite available to Notes and Domino administrators and developers



"The crucial tools you need to succeed."
"You're life just got easier! Better, stronger, faster productivity at your finger tips."

New York, NY – July 5, 2018 NotesMail, provider of CRUCIAL Notes tools and Domino consulting services, now offers additional tools in the Crucial Notes tools suite to speed-up Notes and Domino administration and development. Thousands of organizations use our tools to increase productivity in an Notes and Domino environment. These tools are crucial to Domino administrators and developers to work faster and more efficiently. NotesMail prides itself in customer satisfaction, and many customers have been using some of these Notes tools consistently for over 10 years.

30% discount: Due to the the tenth anniversary of CollabSphere we are offering a 30% discount on all Notes tools below until end of Summer on September 22, 2018. Most of these Notes tools are seamlessly available as an Apple iOS app on the iPad including full functionality (Domino 10 or higher required). After clicking View US prices & buy use promotional code: [removed]

CollabSphere 2018 will be held at the Sheraton Hotel in Ann Arbor, Michigan on July 23-25, 2018 which is the tenth annual MWLUG conference. This three-day conference with Domino 10 "X and Beyond" theme will immerse you in intensive exchange of knowledge and fun with other members of the ICS community. Domino 10 now supports seamless access of legacy Notes apps as an Apple iOS app on the iPad with full functionality.

Notes and Domino tools:

TOTAL Recall - Spam removal and message recall email tool
• Recall spam messages sent by an external sender from all user mailboxes - Protect your network from hackers!
• Help desk and Domino administrators can recall messages sent by internal users - Central control for risk aversion!
• End users can recall messages using the TOTAL Recall database or directly from their mailbox
• Nested groups and multiple Notes domains supported

Archive Mailbox Reverter - Message migration, archive reversion and reporting tool
• Migrate on-premises Notes mailboxes to SmartCloud Notes / Verse
• Move user archives to SmartCloud Notes / Verse or on-premise mailbox
• Divide (split) or merge NSF archives
• Assists with message migrations (i.e. SmartCloud Notes / Verse, Office 365, G Suite)

Mailbox Stationery Manager - Mailbox stationery management and reporting tool
• Centrally manage stationery on all user mailboxes; Supports personal and memo stationery
• Copy stationery to multiple user mailboxes; Replace stationery on multiple user mailboxes
• Copy large attachments via stationery to multiple user mailboxes to bypass limits and security - i.e. maximum email delivery size

ACL Dominator - Administration reporting and management security tool
• Report, manage, analyze, audit, export, update all Access Control Lists (ACLs) on an Domino server
• Fix security holes, optimize servers, prepare for a message migration. Report on DB properties, mailbox preferences, user activity
• Nested group expander. Reports include mailbox owner, delegation, out of office status, full-text index details, DAOS size

Print Merge Reporter - Mail merge, printing and reporting tool
• Mail merge Excel, contacts, barcodes and Notes app data to email or printer using Notes, iNotes, web
• Generate charts and reports to Word, Excel, and PDF format using Notes, web
• Export Notes app and Contacts data to Excel

AttachZIP - Attachment compression, image optimization and archive tool
• Compress attachments to ZIP and native LZ1 format in Notes mailboxes and databases
• Optionally archive attachments to a central repository Notes DB and external server (web, FTP, file share)
• All functionality included in single product offering for Domino administrators, end users and servers.
• Quick installation since Notes template based. Simple as copying a Notes database. No DLL install files!

Web Date Picker - Web date field validation developer tool
• Date Picker, calendar pop-up reminders, international date validation for date fields in Domino web apps, IsNotesDate() JavaScript function

Notes apps:

Financial Manager - Financial management application solution
• Manage and maintain daily business finances using Notes and web clients
• Track payees, deposits, withdrawals, transfers
• Print business checks from register entries
• Charts, reports, export
• Mail merge: email, labels, envelopes, letters

H-Fax Voicemail Center - Fax and voicemail solution
• Review faxes and voicemail from Notes, web and phone
• Caller ID fax routing, multiple voice mailboxes, call transferring
• Notes, iNotes, web, iOS, Android supported

iChiro - Chiropractic EMR, scheduling and CRM software
• Patient scheduling, CRM, Mobile text message reminders; Strong data encryption for EHR compliance (256 Bit AES, SHA-512)
• Create and manage chiropractic SOAP notes, initial exams, rexams, patient history
• Mail merge chiropractic SOAP notes and exams to insurance letters
• Mail merge to e-mail messages; Mail merge to printer

Notes and Domino consulting services:
  • Seamlessly convert legacy Notes apps to Apple iOS apps on iPad with full functionality (Domino 10 or higher)
  • Rapidly develop new Apple iOS apps on iPad (Domino 10 or higher)
  • Domino server architecture, administration, optimization, hosting
  • Domino mail, application and enterprise server installation and upgrades
  • Domino message migrations (Verse / SmartCloud Notes, Exchange/Gmail to Domino)
  • Domino security management and audits
  • Notes help desk, application, and reporting support
  • Notes/Domino app architecture, design (XPages, LotusScript), optimization, integration, QA
  • Notes application web-enabling, Notes Browser Plug-in installation (replaces Notes client)
About NotesMail - HCL Business Partner
NotesMail is a HCL Business Partner specializing in Notes and Domino software for 28 years. NotesMail provides CRUCIAL Notes Tools suite and consulting services including Domino administration, Notes and Domino web development, modernization, optimization, security auditing, integration and migration for on-premises and cloud environments (Notes, iNotes, Traveler, Nomad, Leap, Sametime, Verse, HCAA). NotesMail is the "go-to" services company for the experience you can trust. The digital solutions collaboration team has decades of combined knowledge and experience to quickly reach your goals by delivering customized Notes and Domino software that fit each unique environment.

CRUCIAL Notes Tools is a software suite for Domino administration and Notes development. The Notes tools are designed to allow better, stronger, faster productivity for Domino administrators and Notes developers. The Beacon Award nominated suite includes tools for reporting, security auditing, attachment compression, message migration, phishing email removal, centralized message recall for IT help desk, email marketing, mail merging, barcoding, fax & voicemail, email signature manager, mailbox stationary manager, RDBMS data integration synchronization and web date picker with calendar pop-up reminders. The Notes tools are used by hundreds of organizations comprising thousands of users including Domino administrators, Notes developers and end users.

NotesMail serves customers in a wide range of industries, such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace, communications, electronics, energy, education, government, financial, media, transportation, law, accounting and insurance. NotesMail has delivered Notes and Domino consulting services to hundreds of enterprise customers including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Toyota, Epson, Seagate Technology, Johnson Controls, Siemens, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Illinois, Department of HUD, United States Marine Corps, Missouri State Highway Patrol, JPMorgan Chase. State Street Bank, United Parcel Service, Sony Corporation, Ernst & Young, among others. We have consistently provided technical excellence, outstanding customer service, and innovative products to small, medium and large companies around the globe. With the professional advantage that comes from our command of the diverse, highly-specialized work related to HCL Digital Solutions software, NotesMail is well positioned to be the vendor of choice for many leading-edge organizations.

To learn more about NotesMail's CRUCIAL Notes Tools and consulting services, visit the
NotesMail website.


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