Financial Manager for HCL Notes and Domino

Financial management application solution
Manage and maintain daily business finances

Organize your finances the easy way!

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HCL BP NotesMail is an HCL Business Partner
providing Notes solutions since 1994 in the United
States and headquartered in New York City


Financial Manager is a financial management application. It is a quick and easy approach to manage and maintain daily business finances. It is designed to save time and steps in key areas of a financial business day and especially with daily money management. It supports features associated with financial accounts such as tracking payees, deposits, withdrawals, and transfers.

Financial Manager increases the accuracy of your transactions because it can recognize thousands of company names and categorize your expenses automatically as you enter them into
your register.

Reports and graphs help show where the money is going to see the complete picture of your company's finances. Automatically generate label, envelope and letter mail merges for payees. Print business checks from register entries to pay bills, employees, etc.
  • Simple installation (No DLL's), Quick and easy to use
  • Notes and Domino 12/11/10/9/8 compatible
  • Nomad Web, HCAA 3/2/1 compatible
  • Desktop platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux
  • Server platforms: Windows, Linux, IBM i, AIX
  • Simple installation (No DLL's)
  • Track payees, deposits, withdrawals, transfers
  • Print business checks from register entries
  • Charts, reports, export
  • Mail merge: email, labels, envelopes, letters