Mailbox Stationery Manager for HCL Notes and Domino

Mailbox stationery management and reporting tool
Share stationery with multiple mailbox users

Distribute stationery the easy way!

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Centrally manage stationery in all user mailboxes
The Mailbox Stationery Manager tool allows a Domino administrator (or delegate with edit access) to copy stationery to multiple user mailboxes.
  • Simple installation (No DLL's), Quick and easy to use
  • Notes and Domino 14/12/11/10 compatible
  • Nomad Web, HCAA 3 compatible
  • Desktop platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux
  • Server platforms: Windows, Linux, IBM i, AIX
  • Copy stationery to multiple user mailboxes
  • Replace stationery on multiple user mailboxes
  • Supports personal and memo stationery
  • Copy large attachments via stationery to multiple user mailboxes to bypass limits and security including maximum email delivery size, mailbox quotas, journaling and antivirus routing scans

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