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Mail merge to e-mail messages
Mail merge data from Excel, Notes Contacts and Domino NoSQL apps to e-mail messages. Data can be mail merged to Subject and Body including advanced options --- dynamically append unique attachments for each recipient. Supports importing HTML files, Notes Stationery and Drafts. Email blasts can be sent immediately or scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly including optional load balancing functionality. Bounce and opt-out message management.

Mail merge to printer
Mail merge data from Excel, Notes Contacts and Domino NoSQL apps to labels, envelopes, letters and directory. Perform mailings with features such as print preview, bar coding, font/color manipulation and logo insertion within integrated Word interface.

Generate charts, reports and barcodes
Seamlessly integrate your Domino NoSQL apps with charting, reporting, and barcoding functionality. Generate ad hoc charts, reports and barcodes on live data in seconds including features such as print preview and font/color manipulation within integrated Excel and Word interface.
  • Notes and Domino v11/10/9/8 compatible
  • Server platforms: (see system requirements)
  • Desktop platforms: (see system requirements)
  • Simple installation (No DLL's)
  • Email blasts (bulk/mass email)
  • Mail merge: email, labels, envelopes, letters, directory
  • Charts, reports, barcodes (i.e. USPS IMb, POSTNET)
  • Print preview, Adobe PDF conversion
  • Web printing, iNotes, export
  • IBM Beacon Award nomination
Print Merge Reporter is one of the fastest mail merge, printing, charting and reporting solutions. It is the only solution that runs on both Windows and Macintosh Notes clients, iNotes and web clients. Print Merge Reporter can easily be deployed to large-scale corporate environments by simply copying a Notes app to a server. The functionality listed above is included in one product at a single low price.

Print Merge Reporter is a mature proven product which has been
the choice for many Fortune 500 companies requiring an Notes
and Domino solution to automatically generate mail merges, charts
and reports.

HCL BP NotesMail is an HCL Business Partner
providing Notes solutions since 1994 in the United
States and headquartered in New York City
Mail merge Excel to Notes e-mail message

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