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Nested groups and multiple Domino domains supported

Search & destroy phishing email the easy way!

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TOTAL Recall's phishing removal is essential in today's world of ransomeware, cyberattack, hacking and information warfare.

List of cybertattacks
Largest data breaches in US history include Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, LinkedIn, JP Morgan Chase

US Office of the National Cyber Director
National Cybersecurity Strategy

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NotesMail is a HCL Business Partner
providing Domino solutions since 1994.

Cybersecurity Software

Quickly delete any phishing or sent email!

TOTAL Recall allows IT help desk and Domino administrators to (1) remove phishing email sent by an external sender from all mailboxes, and (2) recall internally sent email. For example, if multiple users receive a suspicious or malicious email from an external sender it can be recalled in a single click. And if an internal user sends a confidential email to the wrong person, or a terminated employee sends a malicious email it can be recalled in a single click. It can also be configured to allow end users to recall their own messages.

Protect your network: Central control for risk aversion
TOTAL Recall can protect your network from hackers (malware, ransomware, hijacking) if phishing email slips undetected into user mailboxes. And it can be your insurance policy to prevent possible legal disasters costing millions of dollars, for example, as seen with incidents in the media and automotive industry. If central control and risk aversion is important to your company you should be using TOTAL Recall.

Surpasses Domino 14/12/11/10 functionality
TOTAL Recall offers significantly more functionality than Notes and Domino 14 and lower. (1) IT help desk and Domino administrators can recall phishing or internally sent email, (2) End users can recall their sent messages even if the Domino administrator set a Domino policy to prohibit message recalling, and (3) End users can recall their sent messages using any mail template design version 14 and lower.
  • Simple installation (No DLL's), Quick and easy to use
  • Notes and Domino 14/12/11/10 compatible
  • Nomad Web, Nomad Mobile, HCAA 3 compatible
  • Desktop platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux
  • Server platforms: Windows, Linux, IBM i, AIX
  • iNotes, Notes Traveler, Verse, Blackberry supported
  • Remove phishing messages from all mailboxes
  • Recall messages between Notes mail users
  • Messages deleted directly from recipients inbox or all documents
  • Recall message status notifications
  • Option to leave stub messages
  • Recall unread only, or both read and unread messages
  • Server and Local mailboxes supported
  • Cluster failover supported
  • Nested groups supported
  • Beacon Award nomination (2015 Mobile App Throwdown)
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TOTAL Recall: HCL Domino phishing removal email tool