Installing and upgrading Notes multi-user

Installing Notes® in a multi-user user environment enables multiple users to sequentially log in to the same machine and use the same Notes install directory with their own Notes data directory.

Notes installation on the supported Mac OS platforms is only available as a multi-user install. Notes installation on the supported Windows™ and Citrix platforms is available for single user or multi-user install.

Notes installation on the supported Windows and Citrix platforms supports customization of the Notes data directory.

Note: Multi-user install is supported for Notes client-only install; it is not available for the Domino® Administrator or Domino Designer clients. The Notes Allclient kit is available for single user installation only. The Allclient kit allows for Notes, Domino Designer, and Domino Administrator install.

Perform a multi-user install if your organization has multiple users who share a single workstation. When users first log in, they access the Notes client setup and their personal data files, such as bookmark.nsf, names.nsf, and other files, are created. The installer installs the Notes program files to a central location on the local system. Each user has their own data directory. Each user's data files are created and subsequently accessed when they log in and start Notes.

Note: Notes multi-user install differs from a Notes shared install in that program files are located on the local system in a multi-user install. This allows users to access Notes regardless of which network drives are available. In a shared install, users are dependent on the availability of shared network drives.

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