Using Notes Smart Upgrade

HCL Notes® Smart Upgrade is a administrative tool for pushing Notes client upgrades to users. Smart Upgrade notifies users to upgrade their Notes clients by a stated date and simplifies the upgrade process by essentially performing the upgrade the task with little or no user intervention.

Smart Upgrade requires that the client being upgraded meet the following prerequisites:

You can use Domino policy settings to help manage Smart Upgrade settings. If do not to use policies, use settings in the Smart Upgrade kit document itself.

The overall process is as follows:

1. Create a Smart Upgrade application using a Smart Upgrade kit to host the Notes client upgrade kit.

2. Update the Configuration Settings document in the server's Domino Directory (names.nsf) with a link to the Smart Upgrade application and specify the maximum number of concurrent downloads.

3. Ensure that the user's Location document specifies the correct home server.

4. Create an upgrade kit document in the Smart Upgrade application and attach the desired Notes install kit to the document, or designate a shared network drive in the document from which to obtain the Notes install kit.

5. (Optional) Use Domino policy to specify the following:
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