Creating a Smart Upgrade application

Use the Smart Upgrade kits template (smupgrade.ntf) to create the Notes® Smart Upgrade application that will store the upgrade kits.

About this task

The application must reside on at least one server in the domain. After the Smart Upgrade application is added to the application catalog, other servers can locate the application.

If you replicate the Smart Upgrade application to other servers in the domain, users will have more choices in the application catalog and more network access to the upgrade kits.


1. In the Domino® Administrator client, choose File -> Application -> New.

2. In the New Application dialog box, enter the server name and application title. For example, you could specify Smart Upgrade App as the application title.

3. Enter a file name in the File Name field.

4. Click Template Server and select the server on which the application will reside.

5. Enable the Show advanced templates option.

6. Select the Smart Upgrade kits template name and click OK.

7. After you create the Smart Upgrade application, create an application link in the Configuration Settings document in the server's Domino Directory application.

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