Sends a message to specified users, to users of a specified database, or to all users of a specified server.


Use this command to warn users when a server is brought down for maintenance. By default, the message you enter appears in the user's status bar.

Tip: You can also broadcast a message from the Domino® Administrator client. See the related topics for details.

To display the message in the middle of the user's screen, precede the message with (!).


 Broadcast "message" [usernames or database]

 Broadcast "(!) message" [usernames or database] 


Broadcast Server ACME will be down in 10 minutes -- Sends a warning message about impending maintenance on server ACME to all users on this server.

Broadcast (!) Server ACME will be down in 10 minutes -- Adding the parenthesis and exclamation mark (!) to the command string causes the message to display in the center of the screen.

Parent topic: List of server commands and syntax

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