Using a console to send commands to a server

Use a server console to see server events as they happen and to send commands to a server. Server events are also logged to a server's log file (LOG.NSF). You can view the log file from the Server -> Analysis tab in the Domino® Administrator.

There is a server console available directly at a server. There are also remote consoles available through the Domino Administrator and the Web Administrator. The types of commands you can send to a server using a remote console depends on the level of administrator access you have in the Server document.

Some tabs in the Domino Administrator and Web Administrator automatically display information you would see after entering a server command at a console. For example, when you click the Server -> Status tab, and click Server Tasks you see the equivalent of the Show Tasks command.

Some tabs have tool bars that let you enter a command using a dialog box. For example, you can enter Tell commands from the Server -> Status tab tool bar.

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