Adding and removing components from the Notes install kit using UpdateSiteMgr

If you are installing Notes® clients on Windows™, the UpdateSiteMgr tool allows you to customize the Notes install kit by listing components available for removal, removing components, and adding components.

Before you begin

Before adding new features to the install kit, see related topics on adding features to and customizing the kit. For example, before using the tool, you must perform the following tasks:

About this task

The UpdateSiteMgr tool is supplied as UpdateSiteMgr.exe in the kit customization zip file in the deploy\Utility folder. This tool is used in command line mode only.

Note: For Windows, this tool supersedes the trimUpdateSite and addToKit tools used in earlier releases of Domino®. If using Linux™, see the related topic on customizing Notes install on that platform. If installing on Macintosh, see the related topics on the addToKit tools.


Parent topic: Customizing Notes install for features and plug-ins on Windows and Mac

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