Creating an Internet site document

You can create Internet site documents for Web, IMAP, POP3, LDAP, SMTP Inbound, and IIOP Internet protocols.

About this task

Internet Site documents are used to configure the Internet protocols supported by Domino® servers. A separate Internet Site document is created for each protocol -- Web (HTTP), IMAP, POP3, SMTP Inbound, LDAP, and IIOP -- which is then used to provide protocol configuration information for a single server, or for multiple servers in a Domino organization. Specifically, you can create:

Note: Internet Site documents are required in a hosted environment in order to use any Internet protocols.


1. From the Domino Administrator, click Configuration -> Web -> Internet sites.

2. Click Add Internet site, and select the type of Internet site document to create.

3. Click the Basics tab, and complete the following fields:

4. For all Internet site documents, complete the settings on the Security tab.

5. Some Internet sites require additional configuration. The following table indicates the Internet site documents that require additional configuration, and the locations for settings in those documents for enabling additional configuration information unique to those protocols.

6. Save and close the document.

Parent topic: Understanding Internet site documents on Domino servers

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