Creating a customized add-on installer

The HCL Expeditor framework enables you to create and use an add-on installer as an alternative method for deploying a third-party feature or plug-in to an existing Notes® installation. For example, rather than deploy a custom feature to users as part of the Notes install kit, or use a widget to deploy a custom feature to an existing Notes runtime, you can create and use an add-on installer.

About this task

The Notes add-on installer toolkit provides a streamlined process for creating an MSI installer to deploy a valid Eclipse feature or plug-in to an existing Notes runtime.

The customized add-on installer tool is available with Expeditor 6.2.1 and as part of a utility directory toolkit available with the Notes install kit. The toolkit, which contains CustomizeAddon.exe and AddonConfig.ini, is available in the Notes install kit's utility subdirectory.


1. Unzip the supplied toolkit to a local temp directory.

2. Navigate to the local temp directory and open the supplied AddonConfig.ini file.

3. Add the following AddonConfig.ini properties except the TARGETUPGRADE and TARGETVERSIONS properties, which are preset. \

4. Move the unzipped CustomizeAddon.exe tool up one directory level.

5. Run CustomizeAddon.exe as described in the article.

6. Replace licenses (if needed) in the license directory in the add-on installer kit.

7. Add the deploy directory and (for the signed feature(s) that the add-on installer will deploy) to the add-on installer kit.

8. Ensure that Notes is not running.

9. Run the add-on install kit's setup.exe installation executable and respond to all prompts.

Parent topic: Managing client plug-in deployment

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