Recertifying a certifier ID or a user ID

Use this procedure to recertify a certifier ID or a user ID with the same certifier ID that was used previously to certify the certifier ID or user ID. Certifier IDs are used to certify other certifiers, servers, and users. A certifier ID issues a certificate to another user, server or certifier that is on the hierarchical level immediately subordinate to the certifier. For example, in the Organizational Unit Sales/NYC/RENOVATIONS, NYC is the certifier for Sales; RENOVATIONS is the certifier for NYC. The Organization certifier, in this case RENOVATIONS, can certify itself.

About this task

You can also recertify a user ID with a different certifier ID, that is, a certifier ID other than the one used to previously certify the user ID. Although recertifying a user ID with a different certifier is allowed, it is not recommended that you do so using this procedure. In this case, you are renaming the user, which is a very complex process involving changes to ACLs for various databases, changes to lists of group members, and other related entries. Recertifying a user ID with a different certifier does not invoke the Administration Process, so all changes need to be made manually. To recertify a user with a different certifier ID, we recommend using the Rename tool, and requesting a move to a new certifier.

When you recertify an ID you can:

You can recertify any of the following types of IDs:

1. From the Domino® Administrator, click Configuration.

2. From the tools pane, click Certification -> Certify.

3. In the Choose a Certifier dialog box, make the following selections:

4. In the Choose ID to Certify box, select the certifier ID or user ID that you want to recertify. For example, to recertify Sales/NYC/RENOVATIONS, choose SALES.ID.

5. Enter the password and click OK.

6. In the Certify ID dialog box, complete the following fields as necessary:

7. Click Certify.

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