Reinstalling or moving a Domino server from one computer to another

Use this procedure to reinstall a server if an error occurs and the installer does not complete during the install of an incremental installer, or if the Domino® server is crashing and troubleshooting does not reveal the root cause.

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Note: The following steps are a best practice to recover from a Domino server upgrade failure or a complete reinstallation of a Domino server. These steps relate only to the components installed by the Domino server installer. Data stored in the data directory structure should be protected. Additionally, if there are logs that are stored in the binaries directory or if any other products are installed and reference files in this directory, you may need to backup those files.

If you are reinstalling a Domino server, run a full installation of the Domino server and point the install to the previously installed Domino directory on the physical server. This will not overwrite existing system files; therefore, you do not need to perform an initial server setup because the install files will pick up all relevant information from the existing NOTES.INI file. The Domino Directory is not overwritten; therefore, when the server is started again, it will continue as if nothing has changed. Server startup will continue and all previous settings will be intact.


1. Turn off replication and mail routing to the server that is being rebuilt or reinstalled.

2. Make a complete backup of the original Domino server. The location of the program directory is identified in the NOTES.INI setting NotesProgram=.

3. Create the \domino and \domino\data directories on the new server.

4. Move all the data files from the old computer to the appropriate place on the new computer. The location of the data directory is identified in the NOTES.INI setting Directory=. Data files include:

5. Move all user mail files. By default, the user mail files are stored in the Notes\Data\Mail directory.

6. Move all other databases that were created on the original Domino server.

7. Install the Domino server software on the new computer by following the instructions in the Domino server installation guide.

8. Disconnect the new computer from the network. Using removable media, copy the file NOTES.INI from the old server and place it in the Domino Directory on the new server. Launch the new server to ensure that it was installed and configured correctly. The Notes® client should not launch at this time.

9. Shut down the new server.

10. When the new server has all its files, shut down the old Domino server before bringing up the new Domino server with the same name. Put the old server's IP address on the new server and then connect the new server to the network.

11. Start the Domino server on the new computer.

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