Creating and using an NSF-based update site

You can use the Eclipse Update Site template to create an NSF-based update site application and then import some or all of the features from an Eclipse update site into the NSF-based update site.

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This topic is specific to using an Eclipse Update Manager (EUM) method of user-initiated feature and plug-in install and update.

The Eclipse Update Site template (updatesite.ntf) is installed during Domino® and Notes® install. Use this template to create an NSF-based update site to act as an Eclipse update site hosted in a Notes application. The NSF-based update site dynamically provides the site.xml, features, and plug-ins.

You can use the updatesite.ntf template as the basis for your own NSF-based update site by creating an update site application.


1. Click File -> Application -> New.

2. Specify the server on which to create the NSF-based update site application.

3. Specify a new application title and file name, for example updatesite and updatesite.nsf respectively.

4. In the Template server field, use the local server or specify a different server from which to obtain the template you'll use to create the application.

5. Click Show Advanced Templates.

6. Select Eclipse Update Site template (updatesite.ntf template) as the template.

7. Click OK.

Parent topic: Managing client plug-in deployment

Display activity logs

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The NSF-based update site records the various update actions that it performs in an activity log. You can display that log by clicking Activity Logs in the Update Site navigation pane. The activity log records the following information:

Display the active update site URL

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You can display the active update site URL in HTTP or NRPC form using the Actions -> Show URLs menu sequence. You can then paste this value into a site list, for example a site list specified in a server Configuration Settings document, using the Copy button in the dialog. Note that the Update URL References dialog has also been updated to display the active update site URL.

Example URL for a server-hosted NSF-based update site:


Example URL for a local NSF-based update site:



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