Updating a widget-deployed client feature or plug-in

When you have a new version of a widget deployed client plug-in, use this procedure to update the update site and the deployment widget's XML attachment in the widgets catalog.

About this task

Feature updates are provisioned to the user automatically provided that you have properly updated and signed the contents of your feature update site, properly updated the widget's extension.xml file by incrementing the version= setting in the requirements section of the extension.xml, and updated the version number in the feature's Eclipse update site site.xml file to match the widget's extension.xml file's feature version= setting.

The updated widget and plug-in will be provisioned when the user's local widgets catalog is updated (either manually or on their defined replication schedule).

Note: Your client plug-in update procedure depends on whether you installed the client using an add-on installer or using the widget deployment method presented here. You should not swap methods when updating from one version to another.

Note: For related information, see the topic Deploying client plug-ins with widgets and the widget catalog.


1. Obtain the updated feature's Eclipse updateSite and copy it to your local computer.

2. Update you existing update site with the new feature. If using a Notes-based update site, update (reimport) the updated feature's Eclipse updateSite into your Notes-based update site (updatesite.nsf) by opening your updatesite.nsf, clicking Import Local Update Site and specifying the updated feature's Eclipse updateSite/site.xml.

3. Open the widgets catalog. For example, click the Browse the Widget Catalog option in the My Widgets sidebar panel toolbar to open the catalog specified in the Widgets preference panel.

4. Double-click the deployment widget name in the widgets catalog to open the widget document, and then click Edit.

5. In the Attachments section of the widget document, right-click the extension.xml file and save the file locally. Open the file in an XML editor.

6. Save and exit the extension.xml file.

7. In the widget document, click the Remove button to remove the attachment. Then click the Attach button to attach the new file created in step 6.

8. Save and close the widget document.

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