Scheduling Administration Request processing

Each setting in the Administration Process section of the Server document controls the timing of specific types of requests. Interval settings and replication schedules for each server determine how quickly the administrative settings replicate throughout the domain. As these requests are carried out, the speed with which they are replicated to the appropriate databases in the domain depends on the replication schedule for those servers. If necessary, you can schedule separate replication events for more immediate updates.

About this task

To adjust the default timing of when administration requests are carried out, edit the Server document. You may want to force a request to occur immediately if the administration request is critical.


1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Configuration tab.

2. Choose Server -> All Server Documents.

3. Select the server whose server document you are editing.

4. Click the Server Tasks -> Administration Process tab.

5. Complete these fields, and then click Save and Close.

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