Installing and subscribing to preset feeds

The deploy\extras folder in the NotesĀ® install kit contains a PRESETFEEDS.OPML XML file in which preset feed subscriptions are supplied. You can edit this file to contain the default feeds you want. Check the Notes install kit's PRESETFEEDS.OPML file for the latest default preset feed subscriptions.

About this task

Enable the FeedReader option during Notes install or upgrade to enable the Feeds sidebar application.

To control which preset feeds are available to users, modify the supplied deploy\extras\presetfeeds.opml file prior to installing or upgrading Notes. You can optionally export feeds from an existing feed reader into PRESETFEEDS.OPML.

You can add preset feeds to the PRESETFEEDS.OPML file by either exporting from another reader to an .OPML file and copying that content into PRESETFEEDS.OPML or by editing PRESETFEEDS.OPML using a text or XML editor. Alternatively, you can overwrite PRESETFEEDS.OPML content with the PRESETFEEDS.OPML file from another reader. You can also remove or comment out any supplied preset feeds from the PRESETFEEDS.OPML file.

The Subscribe to preset feeds option is available in Notes from the Feeds sidebar panel. After subscribing, or after toggling the icon off using a File -> Preferences option, you can re-display the Subscribe to preset feeds using the following procedure:


1. Click File -> Preferences.

2. Click Feeds.

3. Select the option to show the Subscribe to preset feeds button on the toolbar and click OK.

4. Open the Feeds sidebar panel and click Subscribe to preset feeds to subscribe to the feeds obtained from the Notes installer's deploy\extras\presetfeeds.opml file.

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