Using administrative accounts to manage client plug-ins

Using administrative accounts (sometimes called "managed" accounts) in a Domino® policy lets you provide Notes® users with pre-defined settings for Eclipse-based client features and plug-ins such as HCL Connections or HCL Sametime®. Administrative accounts simplify the use of sidebar applications such as Connections and Sametime, and can meet authentication needs for embedded browser-based components such as Feeds, Widgets and Live Text. You can assign values such as a Connections server name and address, simplifying the user's experience and reducing help desk calls.

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You create and manage administrative account documents in the Domino Directory (names.nsf). Then you can use a Domino policy to assign accounts to client users' Contacts application. Administrative account settings are preset for, and by default are not editable by, client users, but if necessary, you can enable some settings as editable. For some applications,Sametime and custom or third-party features and plug-ins, you can attach a custom desktop icon.

Tip: You can also assign administrative accounts settings using a deploy.nsf or customizing a plugin_customization.ini file during install or upgrade. For example, an alternate method is required for a Connections server using Domino single sign-on. For details on these alternatives, see the related information topics.

Parent topic: Specifying Dial-Up, Account, and Name Server settings for a desktop policy

Creating administrative accounts using the Domino Directory

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Use the Accounts view in the Domino server's Domino Directory to create, edit, delete, or view an administrative account.


1. From the Domino Administrator client, open the Domino Directory on the server.

2. Select People -> Policies -> Accounts.

3. Click Add Account.

4. Click Save & Close.

Assigning administrative accounts using a Domino policy

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You can assign administrative accounts created or edited in the Domino Directory to clients using the Administrative Account Defaults section on the Accounts tab of the Domino desktop policy settings document. Options are as follows:

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