offline benchmark results: domino web access vs. notes replication

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Offline Benchmark Results: Domino Web Access vs. Notes Replication
March 2, 2006

By Lance Zakin, PCLP
Enterprise Architect
Software Engineer
IBM BP NotesMail
This article contains the benchmark results of Lotus Domino Sync Manager 6.5 vs. Lotus Notes 6.5 local replication. Lotus Domino Sync Manager is a Windows client, not a web client which enables Domino Web Access (DWA) users to go "Offline" which is similar to Notes local replication functionality.

The benchmark included trials with varying compression/encryption port options as well as varying levels of DB Encryption such as Simple, Medium, and Strong. The benchmark results determined that Lotus Domino Sync Manager and Notes local replication basically performed identical. Testing with DB Encryption enabled was negligible since it did not affect synchronization. The most noteworthy finding was that whenever port compression was enabled the performance increased 25.7% !!!

Port Options off: 144 seconds
Port Compression: 107 seconds
Port Encryption: 144 seconds
Port Compression/Encryption: 107 seconds

+ Lotus Domino R6 Windows 2000 Server on 384K download bandwidth
+ Average times based on 4 Notes trials and 4 DWA trials
+ Based on receiving 20 documents totaling 10MB
+ Attachment types: Excel, Word, PDF, MPP
+ File attachments used native LZ1 file compression
+ Varying network traffic may have affected the results since testing involved 2 ISP's
+ Install Offline Subscription: 25 minutes to download Lotus Domino Sync Manager (one time only)
+ Only raw download speed was tested; Computer hardware was negligible, but applies to DB Encryption performance after synch