hcl notes mailbox stationery management and reporting tool for domino administrators and delegates

PRESS RELEASE: Mailbox Stationery Manager 2.0 for HCL Notes and Domino


With MSM 2.0 Release Version, Enhancements Assist Domino Administrators and Delegates to Manage Stationery in multiple Notes mailboxes

New York, NY – June 21, 2021 – HCL BP NotesMail, provider of Crucial Notes tools and Domino consulting services, now offers an enhanced user interface to manage (share) mailbox stationery in Notes and Domino. MSM is mailbox stationery management and reporting tool which allows Domino Administrators and delegates to centrally manage stationery in multiple Notes / iNotes mailboxes in a Domino environment. The MSM tool allows a Domino administrator or delegate with edit access to copy stationery to multiple user mailboxes including replacing previously managed stationery. And it can generate a report to review mailbox stationery residing in all user mailboxes.

  • Simple installation (No DLL's), Quick and easy to use
  • Notes and Domino 12/11/10/9/8 compatible
  • Nomad Web, HCAA 3/2/1 compatible
  • Desktop platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux
  • Server platforms: Windows, Linux, IBM i, AIX
  • Copy stationery to multiple user mailboxes
  • Replace stationery on multiple user mailboxes
  • Supports personal and memo stationery
  • Copy large attachments via stationery to multiple user mailboxes to bypass limits and security including maximum email delivery size, mailbox quotas, journaling and antivirus routing scans
The MSM tool can be configured to run on any Domino 12/11/10/9 server platform, and it is easy to deploy since essentially a Notes DB. More information on the MSM tool is available by going to the HCL BP NotesMail website or calling 212-599-2048 x5.

About HCL BP NotesMail Consulting

NotesMail is a HCL Business Partner specializing in HCL Notes and Domino software for 25 years. HCL BP NotesMail provides Crucial Notes tools and consulting services including Domino administration, Notes and Domino web development, modernization, optimization, security auditing, integration and migration for on-premises and cloud environments (Notes, HCAA, iNotes, Nomad, Sametime, Verse). HCL BP NotesMail is the "go-to" services company for the experience you can trust. Domino administrators and Notes developers have learned to love our Crucial Notes tools for better, stronger and faster productivity. HCL BP NotesMail's corporate headquarters is in New York, NY US.

Launched in 1994, HCL BP NotesMail offers customized Notes and Domino software that fit each customer’s unique environment. HCL BP NotesMail has licensed Crucial Notes tools to thousands of organizations including Domino administrators and developers, comprising millions of users. HCL BP NotesMail serves customers in a wide range of industries, such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace, communications, electronics, energy, education, government, financial, media, transportation, law, accounting and insurance.

HCL BP NotesMail has delivered Notes and Domino consulting services to hundreds of enterprise customers including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Toyota, Epson, Seagate Technology, Johnson Controls, Siemens, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Illinois, Department of HUD, United States Marine Corps, Missouri State Highway Patrol, JPMorgan Chase. State Street Bank, United Parcel Service, Sony Corporation, Ernst & Young, among others. We have consistently provided technical excellence, outstanding customer service, and innovative products to small, medium and large companies around the globe. With the professional advantage that comes from our command of the diverse, highly-specialized work related to HCL Software technologies, HCL BP NotesMail is well positioned to be the vendor of choice for many leading-edge organizations.

To learn more about HCL BP NotesMail's consulting services, visit the
HCL BP NotesMail Consulting website and Global Solutions Directory.

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