AttachZIP for HCL Notes and Domino

Attachment compression, image optimization and archive tool
Reduce mailbox / DB sizes 50%. Compress attachments 85%.

Attachment archiving solution
AttachZIP can compress existing attachments, replace them with a Notes Document Link, and move them to an Archive database. NOTE: Zip compression is optional. If Zip compression is disabled, then the attachments will be natively compressed using Huffman or LZ1 compression (The LZ1 Database property must be enabled for LZ1 compression before running AttachZIP).

The AttchZIP Profile is a parameter driver configuation document as seen below. The Destination field can be set to either (1) AttachZIP Database, (2) Hard Drive Folder Path, or (3) Re-attach to Source Mailbox/DB.
  • "Re-attach to Source Mailbox/DB" signifies to compress attachments and re-attach to the existing email (or document).
  • "AttachZIP Database" signifies to archive attachments to a centralized Notes Database archive repository.
  • "Hard Drive Folder Path" signifies archiving attachments to a user specified local or network hard drive folder. For example, if the user specified folder path C:\Archive in the AttachZIP Extended Profile and the mailbox/DB filename is mail/jsmith.nsf it will detach the files as seen in the example below.
i.e. Notes document containing 2 attachments will be detached to folders using folder naming convention: user specified folder + database filename + unique document id + filename


The attachments in the Notes documents will be replaced with a link as seen in the example below. The user can specify a replacement link type such as FILE, HTTP, HTTPS or FTP. If HTTP, HTTPS or FTP is selected the user can specify a host name as seen in the example below.

i.e. Local hard drive link

i.e. Network file share link

i.e. Web server link (http ot https)

i.e. FTP server link

Figure 1

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