Compare Phishing Removal and Message Recall feature

TOTAL Recall 5.3
Notes and Domino 12/11/10/9
Allow IT Help Desk and Domino administrators to remove phishing email from all user mailboxes. i.e. suspicious or malicious email
Allow IT Help Desk and Domino administrators to recall messages
Status report includes if recipient replied or forwarded message
Recall messages from Domino 12/11/10/9 mail servers using a Notes client
Recall messages using Notes 12/11/10/9/8 client and mailbox design
Recall messages from Domino 12/11/10/9 servers using a web client
Recall messages using web client and Notes 12/11/10/9/8 mailbox design
Senders can recall messages using a web client without importing their Notes ID file
Central Repository database with audit history of all message recall requests including status reports
Message recall requests can be cancelled
Up to a 5 minute window to cancel (IT Help Desk or Domino administrator must click "Disable Schedule" button)
Once recall initiated can be partially cancelled (IT Help Desk or administrator must click "Disable Schedule" button, or Domino administrator can issue server console command)
Messages removed from a mailbox will not be reverted
Administrator message recall control (Advanced)
Add disclaimer to bottom of recall status report. i.e. Call Help Desk x411 with any questions
Allow messages to be recalled only once (Yes, No)
Allow users to recall from selected recipients (Yes, No)
Allow message recall only from recipient Inbox (Yes, No)
Recall Rules Type: Allows weaker matching rules which identify if messages should be recalled. (Default, Disable subject matching, Disable sender matching)
Stub Messages (Disabled, Optional, Required)
Status Report (Disabled, Optional, Required)
Logging Level (Minimal, Normal, Information, Verbose)
Allow senders to recall messages
Sender Control: Recall the message even if it has been read
Sender Control: Send me a recall status report for each recipient
Recall Messages sent to nested groups
Recall Messages sent to recipients in multiple Notes domains
Recall Messages sent to recipients in RFC 822 Internet Address Style. i.e. "John Smith" <>
Administrator message recall control (Basic)
Message Recall (Enabled, Disabled)
User is allowed to recall sent messages (yes, no)
Allow recall of messages with unread status (unread only, both read and unread)
Do not allow recall of messages older than X weeks/days/hours/ minutes
Recall messages sent to other internal messaging platforms
Recall messages sent to messaging platforms on the internet
Recall Calendar and To Do items
These items can be cancelled or changed using the Reschedule or Cancel options that exist in all versions of Notes calendars.

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