Modifying a server-based CA

After you migrate or create a certifier, you can modify it through the certifier ICL or through the certifier document in the Domino® Directory. How you open a certifier to modify it affects the number and type of changes you can make.

About this task

Only CA administrators can modify a server-based CA. A CA administrator must have Editor access to the Domino Directory in order to modify a certifier.

To modify a certifier through the ICL


1. Shut down the CA process used by the certifier that you want to modify. At the server console, type:

2. From the Domino Administrator, click Configuration.

3. On the Tools pane, choose Certification -> Modify Certifier.

4. Select the server that hosts the CA you want to modify, if necessary

5. Select the certifier to recover by doing one of the following:

6. In the Certifier dialog box, modify the certifier as needed. You can change these features: 7. Click OK.

8. The time period in which the Administration Requests database processes CA requests will vary. If you want to hasten the process, at the console enter:

What to do next

For detailed information on these options, see the topic Creating a certifier for a server-based CA.

To modify a certifier through the Certifier document

About this task

Each time you create or update a certifier ID for an organization or organizational unit, a Certifier document is created and stored in the Domino Directory. For Notes certifiers, the Certifier document contains a record of the certifier ID. For Notes and Internet certifiers, the Certifier document is a record of the certificates associated with the Certifier document. A certificate is a unique electronic stamp that identifies users or servers.

To modify a Certifier document, you must have Editor access to the Domino Directory. Full-access administrators and administrators have this access by default; however, be sure that all certificate authority (CA) administrators also have this access.


1. From the Administrator, click Configuration.

2. Click Save and Close.

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