Creating or editing ID vault policy settings documents manually

You use policy settings to assign IDs to an ID vault and to specify a few other optional ID vault settings. You can specify policy settings using the ID Vaults -> Create or ID Vaults -> Manage tools, or you can create or edit these policy settings manually as described in this topic.

About this task

The following table summarizes the settings that can be specified manually in the ID Vault tab of a Security Settings document, and then added, if not done already, to a policy document. The table also indicates when these settings can instead be specified through the ID Vaults -> Create tool or ID Vaults -> Manage tool.

Table 1. ID Vault settings that can be specified manually
SettingDescription Also configurable through ID Vaults - Create, Manage tools
Assigned vaultThe name of the vault to useYes
Forgotten password help textInstructions in the IBM® Notes® login window for users who forget their passwords Yes
Enforce password change after password has been resetControls whether user must change their passwords after they are reset. (Default is Yes)No
Allow automatic ID downloadsControls whether there is a time limit and download limit on ID downloads (Optional) (Default is no limit)No


1. In the People & Groups tab of the IBM Domino® Administrator, click Settings and then create or edit a Security Settings document.

2. Click the ID Vault tab in the Security Settings document.

3. Edit fields as necessary.

4. Save the Security Settings document and assign it to a policy used for your users, if you have not already done so.

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