Using the Web Administrator

The Domino® Web Administrator is almost identical to the Domino Administrator with very few exceptions. The user interface looks the same, and most menu options, dialog and information boxes are identical, although the Web Administrator may occasionally display additional information. For example, the Mail tab in the Web Administrator offers additional mail specific statistics -- for example, Mail Routing Schedule, Mail Routing Statistics, and Mail Retrieval Statistics. This information is available in the Domino Administrator; however, it is not displayed the same way.

You can also use the Task tool on the Replication and Mail -> Messaging tab to issue Tell commands, and to stop, start, and restart replication, router, and messaging tasks.

The Web Administrator includes most of the Domino Administrator functionality. However, the Domino Server Monitor and performance charting are not available in the Web Administrator. And you can restrict further which commands and tabs are available by restricting the roles assigned to an administrator.

Note: Information on enabling and using Web Administrator features is documented in Domino Administrator documentation.

The Domino Web Administrator includes the following options, which are not available in the Domino Administrator client:

A mail bookmark appears in the bookmark area if you have browsed to your home mail server.

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