Registering a Domino server

Use this procedure to register a server.

Before you begin

If you are supplying the certifier ID, make sure that you have access to it and that you know its password.

If you are using the Domino® Administrator and would like the new server to support SSL, make sure that you have an Internet CA configured.

About this task

The registration server is the server that initially stores changes to documents in the Domino Directory until the Domino Directory replicates with other servers. To change the registration server, select a new server, and click OK. If you have not specified a registration server in Administration Preferences, this server is either:


1. From the Domino Administrator or Web Administrator, click the Configuration tab.

2. From the Tools pane, click Registration -> Server.

3. If you are using the Domino Administrator, do the following:

4. If you are using the Web Administrator, do the following:
5. In the Register New Server(s) dialog box, complete these fields for each server that you want to register:
6. (Domino Administrator only) If you chose an Internet CA in the Register Servers dialog box and you want the server to support SSL connections, click Advanced, select Enable SSL ports, and complete the following fields: 7. Do one: 8. The server registration queue displays the servers ready to be registered. To display the settings for a server, select the server name in the queue.

9. Click one:

10. After you register a server, install it and then run the server setup program to configure it.
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