Domino server tasks

The information in this topic describes Domino® server tasks and their defaults in the NOTES.INI file.

Table 1. Domino server tasks
TaskCommand to run taskDescriptionDefault in NOTES.INI file
Activity Trends CollectortrendsRuns the Activity Trends Collector which performs historical and trended analysis on Domino Activity data.None
Administration ProcessAdminPAutomates a variety of administrative tasks.ServerTasks
Agent managerAMgrRuns agents on one or more databases.ServerTasks
BillingBillingCollects all generated billing information.ServerTasks
Calendar ConnectorCalconnProcesses requests for free-time information from another server.ServerTasks
CA processcaAutomates a variety of server-based certificate authority tasks.ServerTasks
CatalogerCatalog Updates the database catalog. ServerTasksAt1
Change Managerrunjava ChangeManRuns the Change Manager addin task which manages large-scale changes within the domain.None
ChronosChronosUpdates full-text indexes that are marked to be updated hourly, daily, or weekly.None
Cluster Database Directory ManagerCldbdirUpdates the cluster database directory and manages databases with cluster-specific attributes.None
Cluster ReplicatorClreplPerforms database replication in a cluster.None
Database compactorCompactCompacts all databases on the server to free up disk space.None
Database fixupFixupLocates and fixes corrupted databases. None
DesignerDesignUpdates all databases to reflect changes to templates. ServerTasksAt1
DIIOPDIIOPAllows Java™ applets/applications to access Domino data remotely using CORBA.ServerTasks
Directory CatalogerDircatPopulates directory catalogs and keeps the catalogs up-to-date.None
Domain IndexerDomidxCreates a central, full-text index for all specified databases and file systems in a domain. Runs only on Domain Catalog servers.None
Event MonitorEvent Monitors events on a server.None
HTTP ServerHTTPEnables a Domino server to act as a Web server so browser clients can access databases on the server.None
IMAP ServerIMAPEnables a Domino server to act as a maildrop for IMAP clients.None
Indexer UpdallUpdates all changed views and/or full-text indexes for all databases. ServerTasksAt2
Internet Cluster Manager (ICM)ICMProvides failover and workload balancing for HTTP clients (Internet browsers) that access Domino Web servers.None
ISpyRunJava ISpySends server and mail probes and stores the statistics.ServerTasks
LDAP ServerLDAPEnables a Domino server to provide LDAP directory services to LDAP clients.ServerTasks on administration server for the Domino Directory; None on other servers
MTCMTCReads log files produced by the router and writes summary data about message traffic to a database for message tracking purposes.ServerTasks
POP3 ServerPOP3Enables a Domino server to act as a maildrop for POP3 clients.None
ReplicatorReplicaReplicates databases with other servers. ServerTasks
ReporterReport Reports statistics for a server.None
RouterRouter Routes mail to other servers. ServerTasks
RunjavaRunjavaRuns Java server add-in tasks such as the Change Manager and ISpy.None; used only with the name of another add-in task, never appears by itself
Rooms & Resource ManagerRnRMgrProcesses all Rooms and Resources activities, such as meeting invitations, reschedules or cancellations, and updates the Busytime database accordingly.ServerTasks
Schedule managerSchedProcesses all user calendar activities and updates the Busytime database accordingly.ServerTasks
SMTP listenerSMTPListens for incoming SMTP connections, enabling Domino to receive mail from other SMTP hosts.None
  • QuerySet
  • Interceptor


Allows Domino to respond to Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) requests. Prerequisite: Domino SNMP Agent (LNSNMP).

Allows Domino to issue SNMP traps for Domino events. Prerequisite: Domino SNMP Agent (LNSNMP).



Statistic CollectorCollectCollects statistics for multiple servers.None
StatisticsStatlogRecords database activity in the log file.ServerTasksAt5
StatsStatsGenerates statistics for a remote server on demand.ServerTasks
Web RetrieverWebImplements the HTTP protocol to retrieve Web pages and convert them into Notes® documents.None

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