Example: Using setup.exe to call a transform file during Notes silent install

You can optionally call a transform file (.mst) during Notes® silent install on a supported Windows™ platform.

After creating an MSI transform file (.mst), using an MSI tuner utility such as the InstallShield Tuner for Notes, you can use that transform during Notes install and upgrade to override default values.

Note: You must use a transform file when performing a Notes multi-user silent install.

Note: For installations using the transform file (and for silent installations) using the msiexec commands, the network installation should not be the first installation of Notes that you perform unless you are certain that all of the client workstations contain the Microsoft™ Windows Installer Service.

Note: The command line path is the default installation path or the path for the transform file.

cmdLine=/l*v %TEMP%\notes9.log TRANSFORMS=custom.mst

The transform file (.mst) is applied when you start the Notes installer, silently on the command line, using the graphic install screens, with automated tools such as Notes Smart Upgrade, and so on.

Note: For single user installation of Domino® Designer and/or Domino Administrator, you need additional parameters as described in Performing a Notes silent install or upgrade on Windows.

In the following command line example, a transform is called and only the additional Feed Reader and Connections features are requested for installation, in addition to the MSI install kit customization contained within the called transform file named HCLNotes.mst.

setup.exe /s /v"TRANSFORMS=HCLNotes.mst ADDFEATURES=Feedreader,Activities /qb+"

Alternatively, you could do the following:

1. Open the transform file, using the InstallShield Tuner for Notes, and following statement to specify that only the additional Feed Reader and Connections features be installed:

2. Run the following command:
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