Examples of the Rules to Follow setting and LDAP add operations

In these examples, assume the LDAP service uses directory assistance to serve secondary Domino® Directories in Domains B, C, and D, in addition to its primary Domino Directory.

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These secondary directories are stored locally on the server running the LDAP service and are configured in the directory assistance database as follows:

Table 1. Secondary Domino Directory configuration
Domain Naming rule Search order
Domain B*/*/*/*/*/*1<nozeros>
Domain C*/*/*/*/*/*2<nozeros>
Domain D*/*/*/DomainD/Renovations*3<nozeros>

Note: If a directory is stored on a remote server, the LDAP service can send an LDAP referral to the client but cannot process the add operation remotely itself.

The following table provides examples of how the LDAP service processes add operations as a result of the preceding directory assistance configuration and different selections for the Rules to follow when this directory is the primary directory and there are multiple matches on the distinguished name being compared/modified LDAP service setting.

Table 2. How LDAP processes add operations using directory assistance
Name of entry being added Rules to follow setting Directory or directories to which entry added Explanation
cn=Kate Power®,ou=DomainD,o=RenovationsN/ADomain DDomain D directory is the only directory with a rule that most specifically matches a name added
cn=John Ashby,ou=DomainC,o=RenovationsModify first matchDomain BRules for Domain B and C both match the name being added; entry added to Domain B because its priority in the defined search order is less than that of Domain C.
cn=John Ashby,ou=DomainC,o=RenovationsModify all matchesDomains B & CRules for Domain B and C both match the name being added; entry added to both directories.
cn=John Ashby,ou=DomainC,o=RenovationsDon't modify anyNoneRules for Domain B and C both match the name being added; entry not added.

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