Installing and upgrading Notes on Citrix for single user

Notes® installation on Citrix XenApp (formerly Citrix Presentation Server) supports single user install and multi-user install.

About this task

This procedure is for a simple installation using the installation executable supplied in the Notes installation kit. For deploying an install or upgrade silently or by way of Smart Upgrade to multiple users, see the related topics.


1. Obtain the Notes Allclient standard install kit. This kit allows you to install Notes in a single user environment.

2. Log directly onto the Citrix server as the administrator.

3. From a Microsoft™ Windows™ Control Panel, select Add/Remove Programs.

4. Click Add New Programs and select the Notes install kit.

5. Locate and run the SETUP.EXE installation executable.

6. Read the Welcome screen and click Next.

7. Read and accept the license agreement terms and click Next.

8. Enter your user name and organization, choose Single-user Install, and click Next.

9. Accept the default install directory or specify a different directory installation directory and click Next.

10. Read the preview screen, accept Notes as the default email, calendar, and contacts programs, and click Install.

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