Administrator roles in the Web Administrator

By default, the ACL gives Manager access and all roles to users named in the Administrators and Full Access Administrators fields on the Server document. However, you can restrict a Web administrator's access to parts of the Domino® Administrator by limiting the assigned roles. Each role has a corresponding tab and associated commands.

When you restrict access, you also restrict which tabs appear in the Domino Web Administrator.

For example, if you assign only the People&Groups role to a Web Administrator, the People & Groups tab is the only tab that appears when that administrator uses the Web Administrator.

Table 1. Predefined roles for Web Administrator
People&GroupsPeople & Groups
MailMessaging -> Mail
MsgTrackingMessaging -> Tracking Center
ServerStatusServer -> Status
ServerAnalysisServer -> Analysis
ServerStatisticServer -> Statistic

To restrict a Web administrator's access, use the Manage ACL tool on the Files tab.

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