Creating a Mail-In Database document for a new database

The mail-in database is designed to allow mail to be received by a database that is set up to receive mail, without the mail being added to a person's mail file. The mail-in database can then be accessed by one person, or by multiple people, who have access to read the database. For example, if you want multiple users on a mailing list to read specific mail, that mail can be sent to a mail-in database instead of sending it to numerous individual users. Those users can then open the database and review the mail that has been sent to that database.

Before you begin

In the Domino® Directory, make sure you have, at a minimum, Author access with the following privileges and roles selected:

About this task

If a database is designed to receive mail, you must create a Mail-In Database document in the Domino Directory. This document must exist in the Domino Directory of every server that stores a replica of the database. The database cannot receive mail until you create this document. When replicating Mail-in databases to servers in another Domino domain, create a matching Mail-in database document in the Domino Directory of the target server.

Note: See the related topics for information on Resource documents.


1. From the People & Groups tab of the Domino Administrator, choose the Mail-In Databases and Resources view.

2. Click Add Mail-In Database.

3. Give the name of the database to users so they can enter it in the To: field of messages destined for the database.

What to do next

For more information on setting up a database to receive mail, see HCL Domino Designer Help.

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