The LDAP service

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is a standard Internet protocol for searching and managing entries in a directory, where an entry has one or more attributes associated with a distinguished name. A distinguished name -- for example, cn=Phyllis Spera,ou=Sales,ou=East,o=Renovations -- is a name that identifies an entry within a directory tree.

A directory can contain many types of entries -- for example, entries for users, groups, devices, and application data. Commercial Internet clients such as Microsoft™ Internet Explorer and Notes® clients with LDAP accounts use LDAP to look up directory information, for example during mail addressing. You can also develop LDAP applications to search and manage directory contents. Read about the ldapsearch utility provided with Domino® and Notes to learn about LDAP search syntax.

Running the LDAP task on a server enables the LDAP service to process LDAP client requests.

LDAP service features

The LDAP service supports these features:

In addition to the LDAP service, Domino and Notes offer these LDAP features:
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