Creating and using stationery

Stationery helps you create an email template with text or graphics, letterhead, and a recipient list that you can re-use. This is convenient when you want to create a newsletter, or if you frequently send a message, such as a status report, in the same format.

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To create stationery


1. If necessary, open your mail.

2. Make sure you want the current letterhead as part of the stationery you are creating and, if not, select a different letterhead.

3. In the mail navigation pane, click the plus sign (+) next to Tools and then click Stationery.

4. Click either New Stationery -> Personal to create stationery that includes rich text or graphics, or New Stationery -> Message to create stationery that just includes text.

5. Click Save, type a name for the stationery, and then click OK.

To create a message using stationery


1. If necessary, open your mail.

2. Click More above the message list, and then click New Message with Stationery.

3. Select the stationery to use and click OK.


Note: The stationery letterhead may not display the correct date in the message before you send the message, but the date is corrected during delivery.