Using Advanced Notes user registration with the Domino Administrator

Advanced registration offers all the settings included in Basic registration and also allows you to change default settings and apply advanced settings to users.

Before you begin

Make sure you have the following access before you begin registration:

About this task

You can modify user settings at any time once you add the user to the User Registration Queue by selecting the user from the queue and then making changes. You can also modify certain settings for multiple users at once by selecting the users in the queue and making changes. You can cancel user registration and clear all fields at any time by clicking the red X.

Keep the following information in mind when selecting user registration options:


1. From the Domino Administrator, click the People & Groups tab.

2. From the Servers pane, choose the server to work from.

3. Select Domino Directories, and then select People.

4. From the Tools pane, click People -> Register.

5. Enter the certifier password and click OK. When the Certifier Information Recovery Warning dialog box appears, review the information in the dialog box, select the check box and click OK.

6. Click Advanced.

7. From the Basics tab, complete these fields:

8. Click the Mail tab and complete any of these fields.
9. Click the Address tab, and enter values in any of these fields.
10. Click the ID Info tab, and enter values in any of these fields.
11. Optional: To add the user to an existing group: 12. Optional: If you selected Enable roaming for this person and Create a Notes ID for this person on the Basics tab, click the Roaming tab, and complete any of these fields.
13. Click the Other tab, and complete any of these fields.
14. Click the green check mark. The user name appears in the Registration status view (the user registration queue).

15. Click Register and then click Done.

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