ACL Dominator for HCL Notes and Domino

Administration reporting and management security tool
ACL Settings, Nested Group, DB Properties, DAOS, Mailbox Preferences, Mail Rules reports

Notes, Web, Mobile User Activity reports - Verify DLAU Tool license results!

Secure your data, Fix security holes
and Prevent unauthorized access!

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YouTube video: Domino server security tool - Fix security holes
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The ACL Dominator security tool is essential in today's world of
cyberattack, hacking and information warfare.

List of cybertattacks:
Largest data breaches in US history include Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, LinkedIn, JP Morgan Chase

U.S. Office of the National Cyber Director:
National Cybersecurity Strategy

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NotesMail is a HCL Business Partner
providing Domino solutions since 1994.

Is your Domino network at risk to cyberattack? Prevent security breaches and secure your Notes databases...

ACL Dominator is an administration reporting and management security tool for mailboxes and DBs. Reports can assist Domino Administrators to fix security holes, optimize server performance and prepare for a message migration. It allows Access Control Lists (ACLs) to be quickly audited and easily managed across all Domino servers, as well as, report on DB properties, mailbox preferences and user activity. Export ACL nested group members to Excel.

Domino administrators can generate reports and modify detailed ACL information on multiple databases in a few simple clicks. ACL Dominator is ideal for collecting and analyzing ACL information for all Domino servers in an environment, and it can be installed on a desktop or server. Reports can be generated immediately or scheduled daily, weekly and monthly. The report can quickly identify faulty ACLs including misspellings, improper access and users who are no longer employed at the company. Domino Directory (DD) groups can be expanded several levels for troubleshooting.
  • Simple installation (No DLL's), Quick and easy to use
  • Notes and Domino 14/12/11/10 compatible
  • Nomad Web, HCAA 3 compatible
  • Desktop platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux
  • Server platforms: Windows, Linux, IBM i, AIX
  • Notes, web, mobile user activty reports (Verify DLAU)
  • Nested groups report; Expand and export to Excel
  • Optimize server performance
  • Prepare for message migrations
  • Surpasses DB report functionality in Domino Admin
  • Multiple report formats
  • DB admin report scheduling (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • ACL log change history snapshots
  • ACL entry report verification with Domino Directory
  • Add, rename and remove ACL entries
  • ACL levels, action privileges, roles, user types, size
  • Locate unitiailized replica stubs, corrupted databases
  • Consistent ACL, Max internet access, admin server
  • Full-text index (last index time, frequency)
  • Out of Office enabled mail users, Mail/calendar delegation, mailbox owners
  • Mailbox and DB size (Logical, Physical, DAOS) report
  • Mailbox Rules (Send action) report
  • Primary, alias and forwarding email address report
ACL Dominator is a mature proven product which has been the choice for many Fortune 500 companies saving Domino administrators countless hours of ACL management and administration reporting time.

YouTube video
ACL Dominator: HCL Domino security tool - Fix security holes, Export ACL nested groups, Optimize servers
Using the ACL Dominator tool is crucial to secure a Domino server and prevent hacking.